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UPC 787790229506  ASIN B07YDDRTYS

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Aussie Cot Net- Mini Cribs Tent - Koala Gifts - Pack n Play Travel Tent to Keep Baby from Climbing out - Portable ready to use on vacation - Mosquito Net - a must when staying with family 


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A Pack ‘N Play Safety Net For Your Peace Of Mind! This Portable Travel Crib Tent fits mini cribs, portable cribs and Graco pack n play cribs. Unpack this mini crib net and pack up your worries knowing your baby won’t climb and fall out! This travel popup tent is portable ready to use when travelling on vacation and makes staying with family a dream, it will protect your kiddo from escaping the crib and wondering the house and waking everyone.


Premium Quality: This crib popup tent is crafted with attention to detail, custom premium quality materials, made strong to hold up to babies & toddlers' everyday use. See-through black crib netting proven to help baby settle better and sleep longer. This colour black absorbs light and glare so you can easily see your baby at a glance. Have total piece of mind knowing this Crib popup tent is designed and manufactured by Michelle, the original trusted crib tent experts since 1998.


Easy To Set Up: Setting up this Pop-up baby crib tent is a breeze. It takes only seconds to install, no assembly required to install. Easily fits mini cribs and portable travel cribs. Our spacious baby bed canopy netting cover measures in inches 38 long x 26 wide x 48 high. This baby mini crib tent is Space-saving, use it on a mini crib side sleeper you can keep your baby close, for premature babies, twins, triplets and quads making it a great investment in your child's safety and your sanity.


Safely Monitoring Baby: Michelle’s “Starry Night” black crib safety tent is a baby safety product, specifically designed to see-thru at a glance to check in on the baby. If the baby needs 24/7 monitoring you would also use an alarm sounding medical monitor that detects the baby’s heartrate and temperature, alerting you to dangers by the alarm sounding, great peace of mind when you’re not in the room, you’re showering or sleeping, all times when a visual monitor is a false sense of security.


Customer Satisfaction: Please be aware of inferior knockoffs. This Popup crib safety tent is independently tested to meet US CPSC Standards. We’re here to help, to answer questions. Product warranty is 90 days from shipment for replacement or refund. After this time please contact us for any help needed. Note, US CPSC Standards for a baby’s safe sleep, state no objects within 3 feet of the crib, including baby camera monitors and cords.

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