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How and why it all began. July 1998

It's 4 am My Baby Ashley is crying, he's in pain. I found him with his little leg, arm and shoulder stuck tightly in the crib rails, he was face down making it hard for him to breath.

Yes, I panicked. The Doctor told me "Ashley was very lucky as he would have suffocated left in that position”

That night I designed and made Ashley the world first Crib Safety Tent! Ashley slept safely. No getting stuck, No climbing or falling out of his crib!

22 years on and thanks to Ashley's misadventures in his crib, this Crib Tent continues to provide babies a "Safe Sleep Zone"

Ashley and I are very proud of our achievements, we are passionate about what we do and knowing that every day we help a family to keep their baby safe in the crib, makes our day!

Now in 2020 Ashley is a happy 22-year-old young man, studying for his masters in Marine Biology and working with his Mother, Michelle in the family business. Aussie Cot Net Co.

Aussie Cot Net Co Crib Tents were first exhibited and sold by designer Michelle Wackrow at the 1998 Pregnancy, Mother and Baby Expo Brisbane QLD Australia. We're the crib tent experts with over 21 years experience in crib tent design, safety and manufacturing. A family business established in 1998 by designer Michelle Wackrow. Now Michelle works closely with her son Ashley and they continue to develop cutting edge crib tent designs. The latest design innovation has launched "Starry Night" Crib Tent, featuring black see-through netting.

Michelle and Ashley are passionate about their crib tents and go to extraordinary measures to ensure the highest quality of every little detail that goes to into their crib tents, including the custom manufacturing of all the fabrics to their own toddler proof non rip specifications.

At Aussie Cot Net Co we stand behind the quality of our crib tents and we want you to have a great experience with each product we make.


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