Crib Tent Safety

Are Crib Tents Safe? Answered...

Yes & No  "Please Be Aware Of Cheap Imitations"

If it's cheap the makers have cut corners and compromised the quality and safety. Let me tell you, can identify exactly what and where, just by looking!

Aussie Cot Net Co - Crib Tent Experts...Designing and Manufacturing Pop-up Crib Safety Tents Since 1998!

We have 21+ years’ expertise in crib tent research, development, design, safety and manufacturing. I promise you we are the only original crib tent experts and we can back it up!

We listening to our customers, work closely with parents to ensure our crib tents meet their needs. We take the safety of our products very seriously. Our market leading design and attention to quality and detail brings you the very best baby crib safety net- tent available.

100% SAFE! Independently tested to exceed all CPSC Baby Product Safety Standards.

US Consumer Product Safety Commission, sets baby safety product standards.   
  1. The composition and type of materials used in making the product.
  2. For the immediate area of up-to 3 meters surrounding the crib.
  3. Items such as electrical and other cords are NOT permitted withing 3 meters of the crib. This includes baby video cameras. 
  4. Any and all other reachable items are not permitted to be placed over the baby's crib or head. This certainly includes items running on batteries and mains electricity, including baby video cameras.
  5. All sleeping surround and surface MUST be of breathable construction and materials. NOT A SUFFOCATION RISK NO PLASTIC WINDOWS! 
Baby Crib Safety Net - Tent the only safe solution!
Safety & Quality Tried & Tested! Since 1998

Aussie Cot Net Co, is a registered business in Australia.

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Designing SAFE baby crib tents, take so much more than just an idea!

Anyone Copying, knocking off or modifying my crib tent designs is VERY DANGEROUS so is any product the try selling. These people DON"T know what they are doing! they are putting babies lives at risk! they are not complying with the US CPSC Standards. They are promoting UNSAFE products and UNSAFE USE because they DON"T care about anything but making a quick buck!

As you can appreciate we conducted extensive research, development along with consulting with parents groups and hospitals before we started selling our crib tents. 

Details only we know. "Safety is in the detail

We have conducted product showings and parent surveys at major baby expos since 1998, with great success.  
"There is NO substitute for the Real thing"

Aussie Crib Tents...Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!

"Please Be Aware Of Cheap Imitations" If it's cheap the makers have cut corners and compromised the quality and safety!

Recalled "Tots in Mind" tents.

"Tots in Mind" tents were recalled in 2010 following the report of injuries that occurred as far back as January 1997. "Tots in Mind" tents had many serious safety issues. 

They did not fit most cribs or play pens, this meant parents modified the tents to try and make them fit. This was very unsafe. 

The frame used by tots in mind was a rigid heavy frame that when broken it caused injury, the frame attached to the top rail of the crib, this was an unsafe design, when the attachment clips broke or loosened a child could become entrapped between the top rail of the crib and the tent, like a guillotine. When any weight went on top of the frame from say a cat or toy, the frame collapsed onto the child in the crib and stayed down.

Velcro straps used would become attached to the netting fabric warring it into holes that could become big enough to be an entrapment hazard to a child.

Often, damaged tents continued to be used and this caused more accidents and deaths.