FAQ Answered

Question: Are your crib tents US CPSC safety tested?

Answer: Yes, they're independently tested to ensure they comply with the US CPSC baby products safety standards.

Question: Really, is it easy to install?

Answer: Oh Yes! the tent pops right up ready to install in seconds, no assembly required. Easy as 1.2.3!

Question: Why change the netting from white to black?

Answer: The white reflects light, whereas black absorbs light giving a clearer view of the baby at a glance or on Video baby monitor. I Listened & I Delivered!

Question: Will the tent fit a convertible crib with a higher back?

Answer: Yes, I designed my crib tent with a self-supporting frame that sits inside the crib, not needing any part of the crib itself for support. 

Question: Why do your crib tents cost more than lookalike knockoff copies?

Answer: For us the Quality & Safety of our crib nets comes first! 21+ years of expertise in designing & manufacturing our crib tents, every detail in materials and workmanship is a priority to ensure a safe crib tent you can trust!

Question: Are the holes small enough to keep mosquitoes out?

Answer: Yes, I manufacture my fabrics specifically with an overlapping double weave to ensure strength and performance. 

Question: How does the auto locking zipper work?

Answer: When the zipper is closed up it will stay closed, until opened from the outside of the tent The zipper won't self run and can't be opened from the inside.

Question: Will it keep curious cats out?

Answer: Yes, the tent has strong netting with a flexible frame, the cats won't like it!

Question: How common is it for babies to climb out of the crib?

Answer: Very! They climb before they walk! Seeing is believing, watch this video of many...

Question: How do I fold it up for travelling?

Answer: I have made a video for you and the instructions are on the back of the packaging.


Question: Is the tent washable?

Answer: Yes, you can spot wash or take it off the crib as is, fold it in half to easily wash it under the shower or in the bath. I recommend using a mild laundry soap - wool wash.

Question: If I'm using a crib tent why can't I have things within 3 feet of the crib?

Answer: That's the babies reach zone. US CPSC states, no reachable objects, including baby monitors, parts, cords. Have you seen the cheap copy tents with their big rips, holes and broken zippers. It's just not worth the risk.

Question: Does the fabric have a chemical fire resistant coating?

Answer: No, because you don't want any nasty chemicals on the fabric where your baby is sleeping. The crib tent is bedding.

Question: Do you offer a product guarantee policy?

Answer: Yes, we stand behind the quality of our products and want you to have a great experience with using them. If you are unsatisfied with a product you can return it for a replacement or refund. All products are guaranteed by the manufacturer Aussie Cot Net Co, 90-day return for replacement or refund.